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  • Segway Hoverboards Hacked Remotely
  • Delta Replacing Boarding Passes with Fingerprints

Segway Hoverboards Hacked Remotely

A security researcher from the firm IOActive, has discovered several critical vulnerabilities in a Segway Hoverboard called the Ninebot miniPRO.

The researcher has announced that it can be remotely exploited by hackers allowing them to take "full control" over it within range.

The Segway Ninebot miniPRO is known as SUV of Hoverboards; it is a high-speed, self-balancing, two-wheel, hands-free electric scooter, that allows it riders to control it using a smartphone app remotely. Users can do things like adjust light colors, modify safety features, set an anti-theft alarm and even remotely command the scooter to move.

The researcher has claimed that it took less than 20 seconds to hack and take remote control of it.

The researcher has claimed that it took less than 20 seconds to hack and take remote control of it and he disclosed that the critical security vulnerabilities include a potential attacker being able to connect to your scooter via Bluetooth without any security PIN, and the unencrypted channel over which The App & the Hoverboard communicate allows an attacker to mess with the signal and take control of the scooter.

If exploited, the hacker can control the device's settings, speed, and even the direction.

Delta Replacing Boarding Passes with Fingerprints

Delta is expanding a check-in feature that allows customers to use their fingerprints instead of a boarding pass!

The service was first launched at the Washington National Airport in May and allows Delta SkyMiles members enter the Delta Sky Club with their fingerprints rather than a physical ID. Now, those members can use their fingerprints to even board their plane.

Members can use their fingerprints to even board their plane!

The airline is partnering with a company called Clear for this service. Biometric verification has a higher level of accuracy than a paper boarding passes, it gives agents more time to assist customers than having to scan individual tickets, and customers have less to keep track of less stuff they travel through the airport.

Delta says the next step for its the fingerprint rollout is to allow passengers to use their prints for baggage check. They hope to test this with its SkyMile program in hopes of making it available to all customers.

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