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Can your heart become your password?

Forget fingerprint authentication, retina scans or the iphoneX facial recognition!

A group of scientists at the University of Buffalo in New York,
have developed a new authentication system that doesn't require any interaction. It's a new cardiac-scan authentication system
that uses your heart's shape and size as a unique biometric to identify and authenticate you.

Its Dubbed Cardiac Scan, and it uses low-level Doppler radar
to wirelessly and continuously map out the dimensions of your beating heart, granting you access to your device so long as you're near it.

Basically, your device will recognize that it is you sitting in front of the computer and sign you in, as well as automatically log you out if you step away from your computer.

The researchers conducted a study on 78 people and when talking about potential health effects the team said the strength of the signal is much less than that of Wi-Fi, and therefore does not pose any health concern.

However, there are some privacy and security concerns over the technology, like anyone can unlock your computer or smartphone as long as you are standing near your device. Another concern is that the device may end up not recognizing a person if their heart is changed due to heart disease.

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