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Offline Team Password Manager And Authenticator

Myki for teams allows you to manage your team's passwords, payment cards, notes and IDs without storing data in the cloud

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Myki Portal Features

Group Management

Manage your team more easily. Provision accounts and set access restrictions to multiple members at once

Myki Portal Groups Myki Portal Groups Myki Portal Groups

Account Sharing

Allow colleagues access to an account without compromising sensitive information. Keep control of your accounts and remotely revoke access anytime you choose.

Revoke User Access

Manage access to any team member's accounts with a simple click of a button.

Location-Based Access Control

Administrators can set location-based rules on any account managed by your company. Draw the rule on the map to geographically restrict where your team members access their accounts from.

Time-Based Access Control

Set both the time bracket and the days of the week during which team members are allowed access to company owned accounts.

IP-Based Access Control

Add an extra layer of security by restricting access to a certain set of IP-Addresses.

Scheduled Password Changes Beta

Set both the time bracket and days of the week during which you would like your team's passwords to be automatically changed.

Monitor Browser Activity Beta

The Browser Activity Monitoring (BAM) feature allows real time view of your users' interaction down to their keystrokes. In the case that malicious behavior is detected, the session can be immediately revoked, and the user is remotely logged out.